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Scarlet soho - isolation

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A Room of Ones Own  (1929) has become a classic feminist essay and perhaps Virginia Woolf’s best known work. The Voyage Out (1915) is highly significant as her first novel. Both focus on the place of women within the power structures of modern society. In the essay, Woolf’s prescription is clear: if a woman is to find creative expression equal to a man’s, she must have an independent income, and a room of her own. This is both an acute analysis and a spirited rallying cry, and remains surprisingly resonant and relevant in the 21st century. The novel explores these issues more personally, through the character of Rachel Vinrace, a young woman whose voyage out to South America opens up powerful encounters with her fellow-travellers, men and women. As she begins to understand her place in the world, she finds the happiness of love, but also sees its brute power. 

Hubbard reserves special treatment for his enemies. This is the infamous “Fair Game” policy letter published in October 1967 which tells scientologists that when it comes to SP’s they may be deprived of property or injured by any means, they may be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed. 

We all love Mario Kart these days, but before Mario Kart, in the 80’s lived a little game called R C Pro am. It was a very popular game in its time selling over 2. 3 million copies in its day. It had all of the elements that made Mario Kart a hit, usage of weapons , obstacles and speed boost regions etc.
Collecting various weapons or tools helped increase your cars traction, engine or your turbo acceleration.