Various - candy pops!

Insert a lollipop stick into each of the marshmallows stopping about 1/8 inch under the top of the marshmallow. Put each of the topping ingredients into a separate small bowl or plate. Lay out the sheets of wax paper on a large platter or two large plates.

 · Can a Tootsie Pop wrapper picturing an Indian shooting an arrow at a star be redeemed with Tootsie Roll Industries for a free bag of candy ?

Once all have been decorated, and all the chocolate has dried, cover loosely with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator.

Of course, you can buy all the candy I mentioned above, but making your own is so much fun and it gives you a real sense of accomplishment. Eyes light up when you present someone with a homemade batch of caramels or fudge. If you are a little tentative about candy making, start with easy recipes; things like chocolate truffles, fruit and nut balls, hazelnut Ganache cups, white chocolate candy bars, or peanut butter balls. All of these recipes just require mixing ingredients together. Then, when you feel more confident, try the recipes (buttercrunch toffee, caramels, caramel corn, fudge, marshmallows, and peanut brittle) that use cooked sugar. Cooked sugar is where sugar, along with water and other ingredients, are boiled to a certain temperature. As the sugar mixture boils, water evaporates from the mixture, making a dense syrup. The longer the mixture boils, the denser the syrup will be. There are various stages of Cooked Sugar: thread, soft ball, firm ball, hard ball, soft crack and hard crack. ( See 'Stages of Cooked Sugar' Table ) Each stage has a corresponding temperature range, and at each stage, when you drop a spoonful of the cooked sugar in cold water, it will behave in a certain way. How it behaves at each stage also tells us how the candy will eventually set. For example, at the soft ball stage (234 - 240 degrees F) (112 - 115 degrees C) the sugar, when a little is dropped in cold water, will be a soft, sticky ball that is perfect for making caramels, fudge and butter creams. However, this water test can be tricky and oftentimes, for the inexperienced candy maker, by the time you do the water test and figure out what stage you are at, the sugar has cooked too much. Luckily there is another way to tell the stage of the cooked sugar. And that is with an accurate candy thermometer. This tool eliminates any guesswork.

To decorate the spiders, dip in the candy coating color of your choice and while the coating is still wet gently insert cut licorice pieces for legs. Let dry and you can attach the candy eyes with melted coating. The fangs are just miniature confetti hearts. After they are attached, you can pipe on a smile to cover up the top part of the hearts.

Classic Chocolate Tootsie Pops are now available in 50 count bulk bags! What goes into the world's number #1-selling candy-filled lollipop? Start with a chewy, Tootsie Roll center, cover it with a delicious, hard candy coating, and you've got a simple, delicious treat, a Tootsie original that was the first lollipop providing an embedded candy "prize." And at only 60 calories per fat-free pop, it's the perfect guilt-free, sweet tooth-pleasing treat that everyone can enjoy.

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LOVE the halloween theme! I might make these for my daughters halloween party at school! What did you use for the tops of the pumpkins to make them green? Is that the top of the lollipop stick pushed through and colored or dipped in Chocolate, or something else added. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! You should make a book with all your neat ideas and recipes!!! (If you haven’t already!)

Various - Candy Pops!Various - Candy Pops!Various - Candy Pops!Various - Candy Pops!