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Forever - love changes

They arrive in New York City , circa 1930 . Kirk recognizes the period from old photographs , which Spock clarifies that an economic upheaval had occurred at this point in time. As passersby scrutinize Kirk and Spock's unusual appearance, they make for a back alley to get out of sight. Kirk notices some contemporary clothes on a fire escape and elects to steal them, as their Starfleet uniforms are not suited for the time period. However, they are approached by a police officer , caught red-handed. As Kirk awkwardly tries to explain Spock's Vulcan ears, the policeman prepares to arrest them. However, Spock disables him with a nerve pinch and they escape to the basement of what they soon learn is the 21st Street Mission .

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But it’s possible that Love’s prophetic brilliance afforded it a timelessness that took decades to slip into focus. Lee’s lyrics are inscrutable enough for almost any interpretation yet specific to his experiences wandering the Sunset Strip, writing in his hillside aerie and listening to Vietnam vets harangue him about how, in the obliterating tropical rain, blood mixed with mud becomes gray.

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"When I did that album," singer Arthur Lee said, "I thought I was going to die at that particular time, so those were my last words." Lee, who died of cancer in 2006, was still performing this album live well into the '00s. And for good reason: The third record by his biracial . band is wild and funny and totally pioneering: folk rock turned into elegant Armageddon with the symphonic sweep and mariachi-brass drama of "Alone Again Or" and "You Set the Scene." In the late Nineties, Lee served time in prison. After his release, he brought extra pathos to "Live and Let Live" when he sang, "Served my time, served it well."

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For Emma, Forever Ago is a summation of Vernon's life events at the time, ranging from "lost love and longing" to mediocrity. [6] His lyrics on the album aspire to tell stories, which was inspired by musician Bruce Springsteen , [10] and the song structures are unorthodox. [24] He discarded his old method of songwriting, both metaphorically and literally: on one occasion, an old PowerBook crashed, losing dozens of unfinished old songs. Vernon buried the laptop in the snow, later remarking, "They were taken from me but it was good that they were, as it really gave me a new face." [19] Music came first, after which he would create wordless vocal lines . He felt this process brought forth "weird, subconscious melodies and sounds." [10] He considered this method a "back-door way," as they fit more to his unintelligible syllables than words. [11] He expanded upon this process in a 2008 interview:

Forever - Love ChangesForever - Love ChangesForever - Love ChangesForever - Love Changes