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Siri svegler - lost & found

Kate Upton held the most searched for celeb title at Nudography for a week. She didn’t make it on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue for the third consecutive time in a row, that honor was share among Nina Agdal , Lily Aldridge and Chrissy Teigen, but she did have the most interesting photo shoot of the bunch.

One of Kate’s photo shoot for this year’s issue of the magazine was held on a modified Boeing 727 airplane which can simulate brief near-weightless environment conditions during its flight. The plane is usually used for training astronauts, but this time around it was used to study the effects of Zero-G conditions on Kate’s bosom.

There are three video clips from the Zero-G photo shoot at the SI website. Judging by the videos, everyone had lots of fun during the Zero-G flight. Well, to be honest, almost everyone, Kate looks rather emotionless in all of the videos… either she’s very professional at what she does or perhaps didn’t enjoy the photo shoot as much as the rest of the photo shoot crew, especially that go-pro guy who was hired to fix her cleavage… a dream job.

Jennifer Lawrence was the most searched celeb in the past week. She also has to thank gravity for the sudden interest in her name. She tripped during the Oscar awards again, this time while walking on the red carpet, but nothing serious happened. She also said something about flashing her boob at Oscars to break the internet when taking a selfie with Ellen DeGeneres … there’s always next year.

Jennette McCurdy tried Jennifer’s suggestion last week. If you can read this, internet is still standing, and Jennette leaked photos didn’t break it… yet. Perhaps, when we see her without clothes. 

The Gothenburg born Siri studied at the well renowned performing arts college „Arts Ed“ in London completing her Diploma in Musical Theatre. She performed in Jazz clubs like the legendary Ronny Scott’s and she released her debut album „Silent Viewer“ (Compost Records) in 2009, which included the single „Their Wine“, a song extensively used for films, com...

Siri Svegler - Lost & FoundSiri Svegler - Lost & FoundSiri Svegler - Lost & FoundSiri Svegler - Lost & Found