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Politburo - prigioniero

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Today’s so-called “ social justice warriors ” currently wreaking havoc in cities and college campuses across our nation are but one example of how the US population has been unwittingly splintered, conscripted, and co-sponsored by the likes of dozens of George Soros “open society” foundations to brutishly take over and dogmatically rule over America’s colleges and universities. Brainwashed by elitist social engineering think tanks into an army of fanatical militarized Political Correctness robots, they’ve been morphed into today’s brown shirts equivalent to the young Nazis or Mao’s cultural youth revolution, sent out in the name of free speech to commit violent fascist terrorism deployed en masse as programmed foot soldiers bent on actually purging dissent and freedom of speech in America as the so-called left’s mind control police.

Politburo - PrigionieroPolitburo - PrigionieroPolitburo - PrigionieroPolitburo - Prigioniero