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The damage manual - double damage

This site contains an updated electronic version of a training manual created by the National Wildlife Control Training Program (NWCTP) for New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

The Damage Manual is an industrial supergroup that originally formed in 2000. It featured Martin Atkins on drums and loops, Chris Connelly on vocals, Geordie Walker on guitar and Jah Wobble on bass. Originally stemming from discussions between Atkins and Wobble, Walker was brought aboard when Wobble expressed interest in working with him. After writing and arranging material through exchanging recordings from their own respective studios, the trio had put together a batch of instrumental ideas in need of a… read more

Promote efficiency by empowering emergency management at all levels with the structure and information needed to streamline damage assessment efforts.

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The Damage Manual - Double DamageThe Damage Manual - Double DamageThe Damage Manual - Double DamageThe Damage Manual - Double Damage