Sven väth - in the mix - the sound of the 14th season full album 320 flac mp3 rar vinyl rip

Sven väth - in the mix - the sound of the 14th season

Deep in the bowels of a massive defunct power station lies Tresor, Berlin's techno mothership. Founded in 1991 in the eponymous vault of an abandoned department store near Potsdamer Platz, this club institution launched the careers of top DJ such as Tanith, Sven Väth, Paul van Dyk and Ellen Allien. Forced to abandon its original space in 2005, the megaboîte was rebooted only two years later in this raw industrial labyrinth. There are three separate but connected floors: Globus for house music, +4 for experimental electronic music and the main floor called Vault, where you can dance among the deposit boxes scavenged from the original location.

01. &Me – Avalon
02. Patrice Baumel – Glutes
03. Fideles – The Border
04. Gaiser – On The Way (Original mix)
05. Aubrey – Clock Funk
06. Slam – Clap Your Hands
07. Electric Rescue – Forwer (Original_mix)
08. ROD – Hor
09. Secret Cinema & Egbert – Maximaal
10. Peder Mannerfelt & Hodge – All My Love
11. Rico Puestel – Caravel
12. Barnt- if she says she is a healer,she is a healer
13. Inigo Kennedy – Voyager
14. Paul Nazca – Memory (Original mix)

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Main Show With Mark Knight 
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Corbu - Believe the Lie (Mike Mago Remix) [3Beat] 
Mark Knight - In And Out (Original Mix) [Toolroom Records] 
Promo Pressure 
Doorly & Cajmere Ft Dajae - The Way (Original Mix) [Cajual Records] 
Electronic Youth Ft Rita Campbell - Took My Love (Original Mix) [CR2] 
Filthy Rich And Diavlo - The Thing (Original Mix) [Mile End] 
City Soul Project - The Hot One (Original Mix) [City Soul Recordings] 
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Dusky - Inta (Original Mix) [17 Steps] 
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Cajuu - Things Behind (Original Mix) [Avida] 
DeepTrack Ft Emma Black - Swear Down (Original Mix) [Love Inc] 
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The Classic Track 
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Hour Two Guest Mix from KANT 
In. Deed - Turn Me On (Original Mix) 
Kevin over - Jodye (Original Mix) 
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KANT - (TBA) unreleased 
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Ole Biege, Martin Waslewski -Odsbodkins (Hanne, Lore Remix) 
Mø - Walk This Way (KANT Remix) 10 London Grammar - Hey Now (Sasha Remix) 

Hawtin believes the whole DJ thing is stuck in a groove. So beyond “DE9…” he is championing a new DJ system developed in Holland called Final Scratch, with Plus 8 partner John Acquaviva. Dance and Electronic music is the most technology-based genre of all, but to Hawtin’s frustration it’s still rooted in a music delivery system developed in the 19th Century: the gramophone record. Even though more and more DJs play tracks burnt onto CD, vinyl still rules because it’s easier and instinctive to control. Final Scratch links up to the normal two-turntables-and-mixer set up, but lets you play tracks stored on a laptop using a special piece of vinyl as a ‘mouse’, or controller. You can access literally thousands of tracks, and scratch, cut, slow and mix them just like normal records using this special piece of vinyl. It’s nothing short of revolutionary. As Hawtin enthuses: “It feels and acts like a regular record.” He’s already using Final Scratch to play unreleased tracks by Josh Wink and Speedy J, and special re-edits of some of Hawtin’s classics and personal faves.

The booking agency, established with the help of Talida Wagner, has sported many famous names amongst its roster such as Ricardo Villalobos , [43] Matt John, [44] Dubfire [45] and Sven Väth himself. Today it continues to provide bookings for artists such as Tobi Neumann, [46] Onur Özer, [47] Raresh, [48] and many others.

Sven Väth - In The Mix - The Sound Of The 14th SeasonSven Väth - In The Mix - The Sound Of The 14th SeasonSven Väth - In The Mix - The Sound Of The 14th SeasonSven Väth - In The Mix - The Sound Of The 14th Season