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Terry brookes - war / teknology

OTTY, Pupil Pilot, WILLIAM J., 542731V, South African Air Force. 16 March 1944. Age 21. Son of William D. and May Otty, of Vereeniging, Transvaal. Grave Ref. Plot C of E. Grave 1759.

The party sets out for Paranor. But along the way, Shea falls over a waterfall and becomes separated from the group. Allanon spurs the group to continue to Paranor. Once there, the party gets into a battle with minions of the Warlock Lord and find that the Sword of Shannara has already been removed. The party then learns of the Warlock Lord's invasion of the Southland, and decide to split up to do what they can to stop it.

The High Druid of Shannara trilogy includes the novels Jarka Ruus , Tanequil , and Straken . [24]

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Terry Brookes - War / TeknologyTerry Brookes - War / TeknologyTerry Brookes - War / TeknologyTerry Brookes - War / Teknology